General questions is a secure online platform,(escrow system), that protects the buyer and seller in any transaction from fraud
It is a third party that is neutral in any trade that ensures honest trades and that all the terms of trade are met
Any info/data that you submit is private and confidential, and in no way will it be shared
Mlinzi is owned and operated by Samsam computer and softcare limited ,a fully registerd company in kenya
Mlinzi is ssl encrypted with bank level tight systems
Money held on hold doesn't actually sits on our platform but on the actual banks& mpesa platforms
Our offices are located at 1st floor CIANDA HOUSE ,NAIROBI
We are requlated and compliant with the relevant authorities
Fee for using mlinzi is 3.5% + MPESA CHARGES.The fee is charged upfront and is only applicable to successful transactions
All communications will be made through :-
phone number ->0706651053
Email address->,
In case of a dispute,Involved Party should file a dispute with us ASAP!
Money held in our system will be put on hold and issue forwarded to our dispute resolution team.
The team will contact both parties, requesting more information that will help in solving the dispute fairly
Any registed user, who offers a service or sell merchandise that is genuine and appealing
Mlinzi is a secure platform and one can sell any item/good as long as its termed legal within the kenyan law
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:-
  • We enable you to sell with confidence.
  • We can assure you of customer loyality
  • We enable you easily accept differenent payments modes without the hustle
  • We are not an exclusive marketplace. This means that you can sell your items on your prefered platforms and process the transactions , and thus increase your earning potential.
You can can disburse money to you via you bank or your Mobile Money of choice
You get paid as soon as the buyer recieves the goods and approves it on his side
We have put in measures to ensure ASAP! payment
Incase you deliver goods and buyer hasn't approved them you can request funds from our system
Buying an item via mlinzi is really simple.
The steps are as follow:-
1.Sign up for an account at mlinzi
2.Start a transcation and enter terms of trade (sellers info,item info,price,descrition etc)
3.Deposit the funds with us and we notify the seller
4.Seller delivers goods,you inspect and approve goods
5.We release the funds to the seller
You can deposit money via your bank account or mobile money wallet
Dispute Resolution
A dispute is an event where by one party is shortchanged and trade particulars are not met. It can be filed by either party
Dispute resolution refers to the processes by which disputes are resolved and brought to an end.
The first step is a negotiated outcome, where the parties concerned sort out things themselves.
If the first method does not solve the issue, the second method is applied which is Mediated outcome, where the parties use the services of an independent mediator to help them arrive at their own agreement.
If the dispute is not solved within 24 hours by negotiation by the 2 parties, the dispute will be escalated to our team.
Our team will contact both parties and request for more information from both ends
It is this that will be used when determining the dispute